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Excellence is our vision to deliver exceptional execution and outstanding client services.

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Building The Future

ORDOchao provides cutting-edge engineering consultations to clients and stakeholders across diverse industry sectors.

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AEC Digitization

ORDOchao is a leading in the latest technologies in the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) sector. We offer innovative solutions that enhance the design, planning and execution of complex projects. Our team of experts combines cutting-edge tools such as BIM, GIS, VR, AR, AI and IoT to deliver high-quality results meeting our clients expectations.







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Industrial engineering and infrastructure.

We embrace holistic development and support for employees with the aim of being a first-choice employer within our sectors.


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Solutions that empower people.

ORDOchao solutions are designed to empower people with innovative and cutting-edge technologies. Whether you need to create a digital twin of your physical assets, a digital maquette of your architectural projects, a digital PMO service to manage your complex workflows, or a reality capture services for existing facilities ORDOchao solutions can help you achieve your goals. ORDOchao solutions are easy to use, scalable, and secure, and they can enhance your productivity, efficiency, and creativity.

Urban digital twins are virtual representations of a city's physical assets, such as buildings, infrastructure, and transportation systems. They are connected to real-time and historical data related to those assets, enabling data analytics and machine learning to optimize the design, planning, construction, and operation of urban environments. Urban digital twins can also support participatory and collaborative processes with citizens and stakeholders, as well as provide smart dashboards for monitoring and decision-making.

Digital maquettes are 3D models that simulate the appearance and functionality of real-world objects. They can be used to showcase projects and units information in an interactive and realistic way. Users can interact with the digital maquettes using a touch screen, and apply smart filters to customize their preferences and compare different options. Digital maquettes are a powerful tool for visual communication and decision making

Digital PMO services help manage complex projects with:

- 4D and 5D modeling: 3D models with time and cost data for better project planning and optimization.
- Reporting: Accurate and timely reports on project performance, risks, issues, and opportunities.
- Interactive projects applications: Web-based or mobile tools for collaboration, communication, and feedback.
- Smart data collection solutions: Sensors, drones, AI, and other technologies to collect and analyze project data, improving quality, safety, and efficiency.
- Claims management and arbitration: Services to resolve disputes, claims, and conflicts during or after the project, using legal or alternative methods.

Reality capture services are a set of techniques that allow the accurate and detailed documentation of existing physical conditions of industrial and commercial facilities, as well as heritage sites. These services include laser scanning, cloud to model, 360 imaging, and photogrammetry, which use different technologies to capture and process data from the real world. Reality capture services can be used for various purposes, such as design, engineering, construction, maintenance, inspection, renovation, and restoration of industrial and commercial projects. They can also be used for preserving and enhancing the cultural and historical value of heritage sites.

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ORDOchao is a consulting firm that specializes in helping developers, engineering, operations, and construction companies to leverage digital tools and solutions. We provide expert advice and assistance to help you improve your workflows, processes and systems in the digital age. Whether you want to enhance your design, simulation, construction or maintenance, our teams have the skills, knowledge, experience and dedication to help you succeed.

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